Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Where I Thrift

Since we're back at things, I think a post dedicated to all things pretty at the thrift store is in order.
 I find it amusing since I have done these posts, I have had numerous readers email me for my thrift store locations. I have absolutely no problem giving that info up, whatsoever. In fact, Im flattered that you agree with my sometimes obscure vision to look past the ugly.
It has only made me realize maybe a good second hand shop is hard to come by these days.
So just in case anyone would like to know, my top picks for thrift shopping are:
1. Savers - I know Savers can get picked over pretty fast (especially in the bigger cities) 
We're lucky to have a smaller population with an abundance of hoarding going on (as I can only assume) because there's usually fresh pickins' on a regular basis. Although I have bought a few furniture pieces from here, I tend to have better luck finding smaller items such as decor & art.

2. Goodwill - Everyone knows and loves Goodwill. I'm going to give this store a solid C + for right now. Recently, they've kind of fell short of finding anything other than Grandma's china set -the ugly kind and particle board end tables. I don't need nor want either, thank you.

And my favorite, never fails, can't wait to walk through the doors, all time best thrift store is...

3. Hope Gospel Bargain Center - This is my number one, go-to place if your searching for furniture. They're located on N. Clairemont not too far off interstate 94 for those of you passing through. They have a great vintage selection as well as midcentury. Never fails.
Also, check out their Reuse Center only about 10 minutes away for all your remodel projects. They have lots of interesting lighting, cabinetry, doors, and odd items.

Ok, on to the stuff with potential.

These vintage baskets would look great in any nursery.
I think I want a baby just so I can have these baskets.

 Campaign style media center. 

Check out the gold in set hardware. 

 With mirrored furniture becoming so popular lately, I'm kind of sad I didn't take this little end table home with me. Once over with some paint and she'd be looking lovely.

Glass & brass coffee table...

With awesome feet... or, hooves?

 Hunters and a great looking pair of accent mirrors. Can't go wrong here.

And a little bamboo action for ya here...

The coveted chippendale chair.

Needs some love but this set would be great for a three season porch or outdoor patio.

And one of my favorite finds was this media center.
This baby was solid wood. I probably would have bought it just for the gold hardware alone.

Too many good finds to fit in our little home!

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Julia from It's Always Ruetten said...

Wow! Great finds! I'm jealous of the selection!