Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Reupholster & Repaint

Remember these chairs?

They were a thrift find from long ago. Too long ago.
Well they had a bit of a makeover and they now reside in my living room.

And here's the set a bit more dressed up...

I used this fabric that I purchased from

I wasn't about to take on the reupholstering job so I set out to find a professional.
I was able to get a great deal by calling around for prices. 
Don't stop at the first quote your given.
 The 4th place I called quoted a third of the price than the first place did. 
Also, don't forget to check references. Reupholstering is not cheap and you don't want to pay to do the job twice.

You will also notice my walls could pass for a patch-work quilt.
Who knew deciding on the perfect gray/green/white color could be so hard.

I'm getting to the point where almost every room in my house has been repainted.
Thank the good Lord because it was pretty obvious we did not know what we were doing when it came to paint selections!

I like to refer to the original living room color as "skin."
With a name like that, it's time to repaint.

After pictures hopefully soon!


SarahLong said...

I love love love what you did with these chairs!!! Fabric choice is amazing! : ) Never heard of I'll definitely have to check it out!

Peggy Jean said...

amazing chairs!! so jealous! I also have the hardest time committing to a color choice!


crunchydiva said...

Great job Michelle - love the fabric! Can you tell us what it is? Lindsey at Better After featured you today and I just LOVE what you did with these chairs!

Jessica Dufort said...

I very like the fabric !! And the chairs is amazing! Wow!!! Sorry for my english i'm from Québec!

Kris @ Driven by Décor said...

Hi Michelle - I'm popping over from Better After - your chairs are gorgeous and actually your whole room looks fabulous. Well done!