Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bookshelf Styling

My sister-in-law recently purchased a set of book cases to flank their living room fire place. She decided styling them required a second opinion and enlisted me to help. 
Now, there is no such thing as "perfect styling" for presenting a bookshelf, let along anything else.
I absolutely love running across a picture of a room, certain piece of furniture or even art styled in a new & unique way. So why not share a few of my favorite inspirations...

Keeping it Neutral:  Simple, clean, similar.

Colorful Collection: The perfect solution for those who own one too many books in every shape, size & color.
Another tip: Face your books spine in for all the drama minus the color for a neutral look.

The Collector of Things: Organized, well spaced items mixed in with books.

Messy-Pretty: The illusion everything was thrown together yet is still refined.

Personally, I love mixing my bookshelf decor.
It's a fun little hobby picking up new things here and there to change items out on 
my DIY office shelves. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Bit of Happiness

With the polar vortex diminishing any possibilities of working on outdoor activities around here, (painting furniture in a non-heated garage) I've found my happy place by adding in the small things around our home.
Here a few of my latest favorites:

3.  Flowers - Find this in your 
fresh flowers section 

Stay warm everyone!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Clean Slate

This past weekend I finally rounded up all of my Christmas decorations that were scattered around the house. Although, I will admit there wasn't much to pick up. In fact, we didn't even get a tree this year. We usually get ours the day after Thanksgiving but this year we postponed our annual outing until a week prior to Christmas so all of Nate's out of state family could join us. By that point I was pretty burnt out on the Christmas decor let alone trying to keep a tree alive for the next week. 
( PLUS it meant I didn't have those toe poking needles to vacuum up ) No tree - Okay with me.

So the few things I dug out of the attic were once again reunited with their plastic bins and dusty cobwebs. And in turn, I get to decorate all over again. Happy girl right here.

Of course my color palette of choice after a long holiday season of red, greens and various bright colors would be none other than neutrals. White is my new best friend for the next month or two. 

Serenity in the living room once again.